A Practical Guide to Selling Your Stuff

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Selling stuff isn’t easy for me. I do it because I want to simplify my life and because it helps me reach my goal of paying off my debt and saving money. Here is my practical guide to selling stuff – some tips I wanted to share for anyone else interested in getting rid of their junk!

Powell’s Bookstore
I’m lucky I live in the Portland area because I can sell all my books at Powells. Now, you can sell your books online to them too. The most useful thing I do before I sell books at Powells is go to their website and see how many copies of the book they already have. If they a lot of copies, they probably won’t buy that book.

Craig’s List
Goodbye N65
I’ve sold almost anything I never wanted to ship on Craig’s List – furniture pieces, electronics, sporting equipment, breakables, etc. If I haven’t gotten a response in a few weeks, either my piece isn’t worth selling, or my price was too high. I’ve had a lot of flaky buyers who cancel at the last minute. However, I know I’ll sell the piece eventually, if at least one person is interested.

Beware of scams, especially people who say they live out of town and want to buy something from you. I did sell one thing once that way but the woman only lived a few hours away and we agreed that she would send me a money order before I shipped the item.

I’ve sold some expensive baseball cards and jewelry on Ebay. I don’t really like using Ebay because of the fees and shipping but if the item is worth a certain value, it’s worth it to me. You can’t be a flaky seller on Ebay. You have to be a good seller, otherwise you’ll get bad reviews and no one will buy from you.

Play It Again Sports
Old Baseball
I’ve sold some used sporting equipment to this store. The local store website will let you know what they’re looking for. They either sell on consignment or give you cash. I don’t have the patience for consignment so I always ask for cash though I don’t get as much.

Honestly, selling stuff has been a difficult task for me, but I’ve managed to sell about $800 worth of stuff so far. I figure that I got myself into debt a little here and a little there, so that’s how I’m getting myself out of debt. Have a great weekend everyone!

Love, Ana

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