I’ve changed this page so many times because I don’t really know what to say.

Me + Buddha's Hand

I like writing and reading stories – especially if they have magic and fantastical creatures. Part of this blog/website has some of that.

32/365 Map and Compass

I’m trying to learn how to cook and bake so there’s some of that. I have been combining my stories and recipes but I realized that it makes it difficult for people who just want the recipes so I’m going to start doing the recipes separately and just put links and I’ll be going back into the stories I’ve done and separate them out.

Making Cinnamon Rolls - Add the Frosting

I want to challenge myself as a photographer. I’m keenly interested in taking what I like to call “food world” pictures. So now I’m trying to construct these types of photos instead of the more traditional food photos.

Giant Sea Serpent and a Container of Peanut Butter

19/365 House of Bread and Wheat

Contemplating a cupcake forest

And with all that I guess I’m just a person who has a lot of ideas and I’m just trying to make these ideas a reality.

If you wish to contact me, please email me at ana at anapenelope dot com.

Love, Ana

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