Up in the Air – My Skydiving Story Part 2

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Welcome to the second installment of my skydiving story!  To recap, I just took the open book exam to do the static line jump and now the instructor marched me, and two other women, Cindy and Martha, off to the airplane to practice exiting the aircraft.  He taught us three moves: 1) in the door; ...

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I Believe in Magic

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I believe in magic. One day, when Tom and I rode home together I asked him, “Wouldn’t it be nice if we could hire a giant to get us ahead of all these other cars?” Sometimes I wonder if we would not be so quick to cut down trees if trees could move around on ...

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How to Feed a Starving Artist

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About a month ago I picked up, How to Feed a Starving Artist by David DuChemin. It’s an eBook, available on Amazon or www.craftandvision.com. I was curious about his take on how to support a creative life. I didn’t discover any secrets but I did regain some common sense. If I want to get where ...

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