Crème Au Beurre, Ménagère (Buttercream Frosting I – Powdered Sugar) & Food Photography

Awhile back I wrote about the road not taken. In that post, I said the road not taken starts at Robert Frost’s crossroads. At that point, you have to create the road yourself, clear a space, pull the weeds and start building a path. Now, almost two years later, I finally cleared some weeds and ...

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Penelope’s Story Part 9 and Baked Potatoes

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“Please, I beg you. If you won’t help me find my sister, at least let me go,” Penelope pleaded. “There’s a reward out there issued by King Lee to capture you and your sister and kill you both,” replied Captain Will. “Your sister may already be dead.” “What!?” replied Penelope. “Why?” “It seems our king ...

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