Lazy Sunday

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“Stir, stir, stir,” the brownie mix comes together, as sunshine spills through my kitchen window. It’s a lazy Sunday. I’m making brownies for another photo shoot.

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Hot Dog Noodles

I love hot dogs! They taste really yummy, especially this super healthy kind that I buy at the local grocery store.  I also love noodles so I decided to make a recipe that included both.  If you can’t find a good beef hot dog, you could use the chicken hot dogs that I see at every ...

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The Dark Side

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I think you know a person like this, but there’s a person at my work who is always saying bad things about people. You can kind of hear what the person is saying because the person whispers loudly. And every time I go by that person I want to say, “Luke, don’t give in to ...

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Contingencies & Baking

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When I was a little girl, my mother, brother, sister and I used to sometimes go to this church called St. Francis Cabrini. I never liked that church because of its construction. The builders used very large cement blocks to cover the ceiling, unevenly spaced. Of course, at that point, I had seen all the ...

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