Questions People Ask Me

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Strangers have a tendency to come up to me and ask me questions. Over the years, I have accumulated a few good ones that I wanted to share. I don’t know if it’s because I have now discovered I am less than 5 feet tall and probably eligible for membership in the Lollipop Guild or ...

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Moving Sideways

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I realized this week that most of my life I’ve been a cliche. I have been an obedient Korean girl. It’s why my Mom thinks I’m a good girl. But it’s not working out for me anymore. It’s not working out for me at all.

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Photography – I Can’t Live Without It?

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A funny thing happened to me this week that I wanted to share. Taking photographs or working on photographs I’ve taken makes me happy and cancels out all bad feelings. It negates all the petty worries and distractions that constantly occupy my mind. Perhaps this is the key to getting rid of my hubris. Perhaps ...

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Green Tales #1 – Poop Part 3

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Tommy felt the warm, stinky mess of dog poop cover him and Rupert. Slowing down to try to avoid the storm drain allowed Rupert’s poop to catch up with them. In shock, Tommy didn’t do anything, except listen to the stormwater carrying them through the dark storm lines and into the creek.

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