C is for cupcake!

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Just a quick post about cupcakes because I figured some stuff out about making cupcakes and photographing cupcakes and I am really excited about it! I’m doing a new set of alphabet photos for another eBook. Unlike Ori’s project, I can’t have any commercial brands or labels on the photos, even someone else’s cupcakes. So this time I made the cupcake myself – I had to!

I’ve always made cupcakes out of the box but I figured something out this past month that makes them taste better so now Tom and Zach actually eat them. I substituted 1% organic milk for water and it seems to make the cupcakes much more moist. Hurray for making edible cupcakes!

I also found these great parchment cups that not only keep the focus on the cupcake photography wise, but I think these just work better as far as cupcake cups go. The quality of the paper just keeps the cupcake in better shape. I bought mine at Target so I think they’re everywhere.

Finally, I figured out how to pipe! Always someone who frosted with a knife, knife-frosted cupcakes just look horrible on camera. After four tries, this was the result:

C is for cupcake

A hyper post because I ate too many cupcakes. I can’t believe I can make cupcakes that not only taste half way decent but look good too. Have a great week everyone!

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