My Better Half (48/52)

My wonderful husband and love of my life. He takes photos too! But right now he’s more into making videos.


My Brony

My teenage stepson. He loves video games and he’s a brony (bros who like My Little Pony). He says he thinks girls are stupid because they always go for guys who treat them like crap. Nice guys don’t have a chance.



Hannah, my girl. One of my two babies we adopted from the Humane Society. She needs a lot of attention. In this picture, she’s patiently waiting for her belly rub!



My super awesome boy. I think I’m more like his human than he’s my dog. When we first saw him, he looked like he was ready to give up on life, sick and shaky legs because of prior physical abuse. He still has shaky legs but he’s happy as a clam now – a consummate beggar and opportunist. I can’t resist his charms.


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