My Vision/Conviction & Oreos

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When I attended high school, I wrote for the school paper. One time I wrote an article about the violence that occurred during a Motley Crue concert. After the paper came out, my brother came up to me in a huff and told me I had written a terrible article because I didn’t have a ...

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The Road Not Taken

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I’ve had free time lately, time to figure out my creative path. I’m learning a lot about internet marketing and things you’re “supposed” to do to get people to see your stuff. I read one article about food blogging saying that it wasn’t enough to have great images, it wasn’t enough to have great tasting ...

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Visiting My Parents

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A few weeks back, Tom, Zach and I traveled to Lakewood, Washington to visit my mom and stepdad. My mom and stepdad are pretty awesome people. Sometimes I feel guilty about not visiting them more often, but I do enjoy it when I do.

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