Why I Love Star Trek

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This New Year I once again subjected Tom to watching old episodes of Star Trek, The Next Generation. I do that a lot. I love Star Trek. When I see all the terrible things humans beings can do to each other, I think about Star Trek because to me it represents what human beings can ...

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Quitting Smoking – Lessons Learned

Posted by on Dec 27, 2014 in Moments | One Comment

Now that it’s New Year’s resolution time, I thought I would share how I quit smoking. Yes, it took eight years for me but I did it cold turkey, no smoking aids. It’s been a month and a half since I stopped so I don’t think I’ll jinx it. If anyone is thinking about quitting ...

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What Christmas Means to Me

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I get Tom back for one day after too many hours of overtime. I cook something a little fancier, even the dogs get a cooked meal! The joy of watching Zach’s face if we get him what he wants. The joy of watching Tom’s face if I surprise him with something special. Phone calls from ...

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Up in the Air – My Skydiving Story Part 2

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Welcome to the second installment of my skydiving story!  To recap, I just took the open book exam to do the static line jump and now the instructor marched me, and two other women, Cindy and Martha, off to the airplane to practice exiting the aircraft.  He taught us three moves: 1) in the door; ...

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