Photography – I Can’t Live Without It?

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A funny thing happened to me this week that I wanted to share. Taking photographs or working on photographs I’ve taken makes me happy and cancels out all bad feelings. It negates all the petty worries and distractions that constantly occupy my mind. Perhaps this is the key to getting rid of my hubris. Perhaps ...

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Finding Beauty

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I’ll admit the bulk of my work focuses on beauty. I see so much ugliness in the world that I want to show people and prove to myself that this world can be beautiful too. So I really get excited when I can find beauty where beauty should not exist. Below are a few examples.

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Photography for a 2 Year Old

Posted by on Apr 19, 2014 in Photography | One Comment

When I started Ori’s Alphabet Project, I thought it would be easy – just take pictures of things that start with a certain letter. As I muddle my way through the alphabet, it has become so much more than that. Photography for a 2 year old audience must be simple, something understandable at that age ...

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52 Weeks of Photography

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Last Sunday ended my 52 week photography project. It made me glad and sad at the same time. Glad that I managed to take at least one photograph a week for a year. Sad that I no longer have the obligation to do so. Here are some highlights from my 52 weeks.

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