Hot Dog Noodles

Posted by on Apr 19, 2015 in Recipes, Simple Asian Style Meals | 5 Comments

I love hot dogs! They taste really yummy, especially this super healthy kind that I buy at the local grocery store.  I also love noodles so I decided to make a recipe that included both.  If you can’t find a good beef hot dog, you could use the chicken hot dogs that I see at every ...

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Rice for Korean Dishes

Posted by on Mar 8, 2015 in Recipes | 5 Comments

My family has a history with rice, on the Korean side.  My great grandfather owned rice paddy fields in Korea.  If I could pick his brain now, he would be no help!  He spent all his time studying and wouldn’t even help in emergencies which vexed my great grandmother to no end.  Thank goodness I ...

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