Depth in Photography

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Just a quick post about something I’m working on – depth in photography. What I mean is that I want to look into a photo not at a photo. Here are some examples.

See here, your eye moves into the photograph.

Wall of Pepper Bacon

Wheres here, though I like this photo, it’s really just kind of two dimensional.

Wall of Pepper Bacon #2

I find the first bacon photograph has more depth and therefore more interest. Your eye lingers, which I think makes for a better photo.

See here, Tom had me move the angle of the camera to get more depth, even in my birthday cake.

Happy Birthday to Me!

And here with Tom running the dogs on the beach in Manzanita. Your eye keeps moving into the photo.

Running the Dogs

What I’m going for is getting the viewer to be sucked into my world. That’s what I mean by depth in photography. Have a great weekend everyone!

Love, Ana

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