Drop Cookie 9 – Chocolate Mountains / Penelope’s Story Part 1 (12/1000)

Penelope woke with a start as she felt a strong breeze blow through her bed covers. Someone had opened her window. She ran to her sister Lulu’s room but she was gone. On Lulu’s pillow she found a note.

It is not fair that you have the best baker and cook in the world so we are taking one of them.


The Islanders

Penelope ran outside but she saw and heard no one. Wide awake now, she shut her house up and walked to the castle.

As everything on her world, Penelope’s path to the castle was made out of food. This path was made out of packed cake flour. Normally she would take a small spade from her back pocket and sample the flour but she had no time tonight. She hurried along the half mile between her and her sister’s house and the castle.

The night watch recognized her immediately and opened the gates. A guard was sent to wake the king’s chancellor.

“You’d better have a good reason for waking the king up this early in the morning Ms. Penelope,” said the king’s chancellor as he entered a small antechamber next to the throne room. Penelope handed the chancellor the note.

“Well, they have a point,” said the chancellor, still examining the note.

“Are you serious?” replied Penelope. “The Islanders kidnapped my sister!”

“Who happens to be the best cook in the world,” said the chancellor. “Don’t you see?!” he said. “This could end the age old conflict. No, I will not wake up the king, he will be notified in the morning. The Continentals will do nothing. Go home Penelope.”

Penelope turned her back on the castle. She watched the sunrise as she walked back to her house. She packed up the essentials and headed towards the nearest port. Unfortunately, this required Penelope to cross the Chocolate Mountains. Here is the recipe:

1) 1 cup butter
2) 2 cups brown sugar
3) 2 eggs, well beaten
4) 2 1/2 teaspoons vanilla
5) 3 1/2 cups flour
6) 1 teaspoon salt
7) 2 teaspoons of baking powder
8) 1 cup milk
9) 6 ounces of chocolate (the book calls for 4 ounces, but 6 ounces is easier because it’s half a bag of chocolate chips)
10) 2 tablespoons butter
11) 2 cups chopped nuts (optional)

Preparation and Baking
1) Turn the oven on 350 degrees
2) Cream the butter and sugar.
3) Beat the eggs, mix well.
4) Add the vanilla extract.
5) Add the salt, mix well.
6) Add the baking soda, mix well.
7) Add the flour.

Okay, the batter is fairly thick now and I made a mistake here and forgot to add the milk!

8) Add the milk!

9) Take a small sauce pan turn the burner on medium low.
10) Add the chocolate. I use a half bag of chocolate chips.
11) Add the two tablespoons of butter.
12) Allow the chocolate and butter to melt, creating a thick sauce. Stir constantly.
13) When the chocolate and butter are fully melted, add it to the cookie dough.
14) Cover a baking sheet with parchment paper.
15) Drop a teaspoon of dough onto the baking sheet. Repeat. You should have about twelve teaspoons of dough for each sheet.
16) (Optional) Add a candied or maraschino cherry on top before baking. And please read the labels for maraschino cherries. I have it on good authority (someone who worked at a maraschino cherry factory) that regular maraschino cherries contain formaldehyde. I bought all natural maraschino cherries at Natural Grocers so I’m sure you can find them at any of the more high-end grocery stores.
17) Bake for 15 minutes.


Chocolate Mountain Cookies

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