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Sorry this is a brief reprieve from Jared and his story but it’s coming soon! Just a thought. I hope everyone is enjoying their 3 day weekend!

Every time I go to the grocery story, every cooking magazine says – look at this wonderful recipe! It’s easy, quick and simple! And there are 118 more like it! Yeah! And it’s something that’s perfectly photographed on a white plate.

Steak Salad


Well, for the last week or so I realized I’m not into easy, quick, and simple. I want my cooking to be simple but not easy and quick anymore. I just feel to really learn how to cook, I mean, be a really good cook, it’s just not going to be quick and easy.

First there are the ingredients. You have to know your ingredients, what they taste like and how well they work together with other ingredients. If you know where they come from or you grew them yourself, all the better.

Thumbelina Carrots #2

My Failed Onion Experiment

Then there’s technique. You can’t learn cooking techniques by doing it once. You must do it over and over and over again until you get it right. Then when you got it right, you have to keep doing it and then you become competent, and maybe if you spend your entire life at it, you can become an expert or even a master. As I said, it’s not quick and easy.

Cutting Organic Tomatoes

Finally it’s the cooking. How many times do you have to cook something to make it taste good, I mean really good. First, it has to be a damn good recipe. Second, you have to cook it well and with great ingredients. Odds are, you’re not going to cook it well the first time or maybe even the second time or third time. All the elements have to be right. It’s not quick and easy.

Blueberries muffins from scratch the first time, not sweet enough (but Zach still ate them).

Blueberry Muffins from Scratch

Blueberries muffins from scratch the second time, forgot to add the butter.

Blueberry Muffins detail

Blueberry muffins from scratch the last time, I used plain yogurt and cream cheese but I’m still experimenting with ingredients.

Baked Blueberry Muffins detail

Love, Ana

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