Fallout 4 – How to Be a Badass on Survival Mode

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I’m taking a break from recipes for a little bit to talk about Fallout 4 – my second favorite video game ever (after Splinter Cell Chaos Theory). This post explains how to become a badass on Survival Mode, when you start the game on Survival Mode.

I think we can all agree that becoming a badass is the goal of Fallout 4. However, in Survival Mode you have to eat and drink regularly, you can only save when you sleep, you can’t fast travel, and worst of all the enemies do more damage to you then you do to them, just to name a few disadvantages. To become a badass you have to think strategically from the get go.

ana is a badass

Choosing Your S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Stats
When the Vault-Tec Rep comes knocking, your strategic thinking starts. Here are my recommendations:

1) Intelligence must be at least 6 or 7 from the get go.
You will get sick often which means you need antibiotics. There are no doctors near Vault 111 or Sanctuary. Your best bet is being able to make your own antibiotics which requires Intelligence 7 (Chemist). You can opt for Intelligence 6 if you want to use the “You’re Special” mag in Sanctuary.

2) Agility must at least be 3.
You need to be able to Sneak. In Survival Mode, if you can avoid a fight, you will live longer.

3) The Higher the Perception the Better.
Perception controls accuracy in VATS, which is important in survival mode. For nothing else, VATS give you a little more time to shoot enemies before they bare down on you, unless you want to be addicted to Jet.

4) Strength should be at least 3 at the beginning, more if you can afford it.
You need the Armorer perk and you want to work your way toward getting the Strong Back perk which is Strength 6.

5) Luck and Endurance must at least be 2 at the beginning
You’ll need the Lead Belly perk at the beginning as well as the Scrounger one as soon as you can.

6) Skip the Charisma.
In Survival Mode it doesn’t matter if people like you. Your goal is to survive as a badass not build a bunch of settlements. Though I did get the Benevolent Leader achievement in Survival Mode with 2 Charisma by having enough beds, food, and water then building about 100 pommel horses in Sanctuary.

pommel horse city

pommel horse city 2

You have to leave and let your popularity go up but it will happen.

Create Safe Sleep Spots
After surviving Vault 111 (where you can’t sleep in the beds), get to Sanctuary and make a bed. Hook up Red Rocket Truck Stop with a bed as well.

When you create a safe sleep spot that is a potential settlement, create a water pump or two so you’ll always have water at your safe sleep spots as well, especially when you wake up. You can also use water pumps to make purified water with empty bottles. Food, medicine and empty bottles should be your #1 priority when scrounging.

After that, you should scrounge for machine gun components – circuitry, oil, steel. When you encounter settlements that are already populated with inhabitants, try to get their defenses up to 100 because they will get attacked and eventually you could lose the settlement if your popularity with it gets too low.

Create a Sleep Spot Network Throughout the Commonwealth
You won’t survive all that long just hunkering down in Red Rocket or Sanctuary. Fortunately, enemies regenerate at a slug’s pace but resources do as well so you have to keep moving. This is how I did it. Sanctuary, Red Rocket, then do the quest to get Abernathy Farm on your side. To get to USAF Satellite Station Olivia, use Thicket Excavations as a safe in between spot. As long as you don’t do that quest, it can remain a safe sleep spot.

Sidestep Starlight Drive-In and try to get to Mystic Pines instead because you don’t have to kill anything to sleep there. Then when you’re ready, conquer Starlight Drive-In.

Diamond City and Joining the Railroad
So now you have a choice – try to get to Diamond City or try to make friends with the Railroad. I think both have strategic importance. Even if I was playing Fallout 4 in regular mode, I’d want to get to Diamond City as soon as I can to get Piper’s perk. Joining the Railroad is important because having the Deliverer and ballistic weave are super helpful when your enemies are more powerful than you. Deacon’s perk is also help and easy to get if you just pick a bunch of locks.

I chose Diamond City first to get Piper and her perk and continue the story. From Starlight Drive-in, kill the bears at Rocky Point Park for that sleep spot. Cross the bridge and get Oberlin Station. If you can get that settlement with money, do it for another safe sleep spot. If not, continue your way to Vault 81 (there are beds outside the vault). Then kill the bugs at Chestnut Hillock Reservoir for that bed. There’s one more bed behind a house, just before the Super Mutants at Parkview Apartments which not only has a dirty mattress but a ton of empty bottles. Then sneak past Super Mutants and Raiders to get to Diamond City.

If you want to get to the Railroad first because you want the Deliverer and ballistic weave are more important to you, from Starlight Drive-In, work your way to Covenant. From Covenant, you can secure Taffington Boathouse which is just across the way and isn’t too difficult because it just has bugs. Then set off the charges on the Turner Bridge and try to get to Bunker Hill. Then it’s across the bridge to the backway to the Railroad.

I hope this helps anyone who is playing survival mode. This kind of strategic thinking was really fun for me. Happy surviving!

Love, Ana

How to be a Badass on Survival Mode
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How to be a Badass on Survival Mode
This article explains how to survive and be powerful in Fallout 4 Survival Mode. It also explains a way to unlock the Benevolent Leader achievement.

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