Fallout 4 Meals – a Tribute

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As I’ve said previously, I’m a pretty big Fallout 4 fan. You would think by now, I would have played myself out. And yeah, I stopped playing for awhile. Then I started back up again when I decided to start a new game on survival mode. I had some thoughts I wanted to share about it and to break them up, I wanted to post some Fallout 4 Meals I recreated.

I tried to play survival mode before but with a character that already had so much stuff – money, resources, and perks but I didn’t like it. Then my husband started playing survival mode right from the beginning and I decided I had to try it. In a nutshell, survival mode requires that you eat food, drink water, carry a lot less, take more damage, and only save the game when you find a mattress, sleeping bag or bed. You also can’t fast travel, and using stimpaks will heal you but at a much slower rate. E.g. you can’t get into a fire fight and expect to survive if you don’t take cover while your stimpak takes effect. It’s totally strategic and I’m learning a lot.

1/365 Fallout 4 Tribute #3 - Fancy Lads Snack Cakes

To be fair, I’ve played the game a lot so I know what’s going to happen when you interact with certain people etc., but it’s different now because I have to make choices, hard choices.

Playing survival mode would be easy if you could stay at one of the settlements close to Vault 111, like Sanctuary or Red Rocket Truck Stop and just sleep and drink water. The problem with this strategy is that you have to eat, a lot. You might have a few food items in nearby settlements but to keep eating (or you’ll eventually die), you have to venture out into the world.

If you have to venture out into the world, you have to find places to sleep in order to save your progress and just be healthy in general. Oh yeah, and you can get sick so you either have to have antibiotics, which you can make if you’re smart enough, or find a doctor. And those doctors are few and far between.

Fallout 4 Meal #2 - Noodle Cup and Nuka Quantum

It’s been difficult. I’ve died so many times it’s not even funny. Every time I tried to overreach, I’d get into a firefight and died. When that happens, I take a step back, gather more resources and take smaller steps to get around the Commonwealth. I’ve also learned to take big risks if I want certain things and I found that if I’m careful, I can skirt around the more dangerous enemies and get to my goal. It just takes practice and patience.

Fallout 4 Meal - Dirty Water and Yum Yum Deviled Eggs

I think maybe this might be a good idea in real life with my photography and writing. For the most part, I should take small steps, not make things too complicated, then move to the next step. When necessary, I need to let myself take the big risks to get to where I want to go. I think I have a better chance of survival and reaching my goals in the real world if I do it this way too.

Love, Ana

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