Finding Beauty

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I’ll admit the bulk of my work focuses on beauty. I see so much ugliness in the world that I want to show people and prove to myself that this world can be beautiful too. So I really get excited when I can find beauty where beauty should not exist. Below are a few examples.

Find on the side of the road

I captured this photo next to an abandoned industrial building in north Portland. Broken glass, cigarette butts and other trash dotted the landscape. When I go out on my lunchtime photography walks, I do really try to drink in my environment – looking down, looking up, sometimes just standing still. Sometimes people look up from their cell phones when they walk by, wondering what I see – well, this is what I see!

Beauty found in a trash midden

Who knew that construction debris could make nice bokeh! I found this image next to a construction site close to the Willamette River. With so much broken concrete and twisted metal in the landscape, I couldn’t believe that something this beautiful could grow there.

Another Trash Midden Find

Well, this is probably the funniest or grossest find, depending on your sense of humor. I found this image surrounded by dog poop. It seemed to be someone’s favorite spot. I had to step very carefully when taking this shot but it was well worth it.

Finding beauty really excites me, especially if I can find it in the midst of ugliness. I know the world can be an awful place but I like to think that finding these images and sharing them helps counterbalance the “yuckiness.” Have a great week!

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