French Hot Chocolate Recipe / Le Chocolat Chaud Recipe

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The first time I had French Hot Chocolate or Le Chocolat Chaud, was at a hotel in Paris. I was 16 traveling with my brother, my mother, and a bunch of religious Korean ladies. Because my mother’s main goal was to visit Lourdes, she wanted to give us a little vacation from church stuff and let us stay in Paris for the first 36 hours.

I have to admit, my mom, my brother and I didn’t get much sleep that first 36 hours so getting a burst of energy from liquid chocolate at our hotel was a welcome one! We tried to visit every major landmark and it was crazy exhausting but the best part of the trip. Funny thing is, I never even thought of trying to recreate this recipe until I wrote Jared’s Story.

I adapted this recipe from David Lebovitz’s Parisian Hot Chocolate recipe.

Makes 4 demitasse servings.

Special Equipment – digital scale


23/365 Hot Chocolate Ingredients

2 cups of whole milk
5 oz (130 g) semisweet chocolate (the best quality you can find)

Preparation and Cooking
1) Weigh 130g of the best semi-sweet chocolate you can find.

2) Finely chop the chocolate as best as you can. The smaller the pieces of chocolate the faster the chocolate melts into the milk. If you use chocolate chips that should be okay, but if you can get it finer, that would be great.

3) Take a medium sauce pan and heat the milk until warm. Turn the burner on medium and wait a few minutes.

4) Add the chocolate, then whisk constantly until all of the chocolate melts.

5) When steam rises from the mixture (but before it boils), remove the pan from the burner.

6) Pour the hot chocolate into demitasse cups or fill 1/2 a regular mug.

20/365 Le Chocolat Chaud

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