Glaçage Au Chocolat (Chocolate-butter Icing)

Glaçage Au Chocolat (Chocolate-butter Icing) is the last recipe in Julia Child’s, Mastering the Art of French Cooking. I had a vision for this recipe, a photography vision based on my new philosophy – food photography can be different if you throw away the idea that food has to look delicious.

And I’m proud to say that my vision came true! I know so far it’s been frosting recipes but I know it will expand and grow as I’m able to expand my mind to the possibilities.

This amount is enough for an 8 inch cake

1) 2 ounces semi-sweet chocolate
2) 2 Tablespoons rum or coffee
3) 5-6 Tablespoons unsalted butter

Preparation and Baking
1) Make a double boiler, putting water in a larger pan and the chocolate and coffee in the smaller pan.
2) Turn the range on. The chocolate should already be melting but boiling the water will make the process quicker.
2a)In the alternative, you can skip the double boiler, and just put it on low heat (2 or 3 if you have that sort of range), add the butter and keep stirring with a spoon. Julia says to use a wooden spoon. 10 minutes should do it.
3) If you don’t follow 2a, now add the butter gradually (add a tablespoon, mix it up then add another) or all at once. I’ve tried it both ways and I don’t see that it makes a difference.
4) Let it cool. Julia puts the icing on ice by taking a bowl and filling it with ice and then putting the pan in the ice. Or you can just wait until it cools.
5) When cooled to spreading consistency, (and the cake or cupcakes are cooled), spread.

Julia suggests you put it on something like Reine de Saba (Queen of Sheba Cake).

Reine de Saba - First Try

And now, here are the regular photos:

Chocolate Butter Icing #2

Chocolate Butter Icing#3

Now here are the fun photos from my vision.

Glaçage Au Chocolat (Chocolate-butter Icing)

Chocolate Butter Icing Detail

Chocolate Butter Icing Detail #2

Chocolate Butter Icing Detail #3

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