Goodbye Fake Food

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Goodbye fake food
I will miss you most terribly

Fake Food

But it’s not me that won’t allow me to eat you my friends
It’s my stomach, a most delicate and finicky calamity

Sweet, sweet Hawaiian Bread
Cheesy, cheesy Cheetos
Super, oily white frosting supermarket cake
How I use to revel in your wonderful artificial flavors and colors!

Ahh…Coca Cola, I could never get enough of you
What better beverage to drink on a warm, summer day!
Too bad you leave a hole in my stomach!

And mystery meat nuggets, how could I forget you!
You say you are chicken but whatever protein amalgam you are,
The lovely fake barbecue sauce will cover up any indiscretions.

It’s time to clean the orange dust off my fingers.
It’s time to wipe the frosting off my nose.
And take my last cola burp.




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