Green Tales #1 – Poop Part 1

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“Aw Mom! Do I have to?” Tommy whined to his mom.

“If you want your allowance this week you will,” Tommy’s mother replied. “And don’t forget to bring plenty of bags. You know how Rupert is.”

Tommy looked down at Rupert. Rupert wagged his tail in response. A mix of terrier and Labrador Retriever, Rupert was a medium sized dog that Tommy’s family adopted from an animal shelter a few months ago. Thrilled to finally get a dog after years of begging, Tommy did everything with Rupert. They played together, they slept together, Tommy even gave Rupert his baths. But there was one thing that Tommy hated doing – picking up Rupert’s poop.

“It stinks! It’s gross! And Rupert poops a lot!” Tommy complained to his mom. It was true too. It was not unusual for Rupert to poop four times in one half an hour walk.

“It’s the law Tommy,” his mother explained. “Every dog owner must pick up their dog’s poop.”

“Yeah, but old Mrs. Fraser doesn’t,” Tommy replied. “I’ve seen her. She just keeps walking when she walks her little poodle.”

“I don’t care what Mrs. Fraser does,” replied his mother. “When you take Rupert for a walk, you have to pick up his poop. That’s the responsible thing to do.”

Tommy grabbed Rupert’s leash, a roll of poop bags and headed out the door. The gray sky promised rain but Tommy hoped to get Rupert’s walked finished before it started. Rupert wagged his tail, his tongue sticking out. Walking with Tommy was his favorite activity, regardless of the weather.

Tommy and Rupert managed to walk a few blocks before they felt large, cold drops of water splashing on them. Tommy looked up at the sky. This was not going to be just a regular drizzle, this was going to be a downpour.

“Come on Rupert,” Tommy said. At first Tommy quickened their pace, then the rain began to pour so Tommy and Rupert accelerated to a jog.

After another block, Tommy felt the tug of the leash. Thunder boomed in the distance. Tommy looked behind him and saw Rupert squatting down to poop. He tried to yank the leash to stop Rupert but it was too late.

“I’ll just leave it this one time,” Tommy thought to himself. “It’s pouring down rain and we have to get home!” He turned around to start jogging again but he immediately bumped into something solid.

“Ugh!” Tommy said, rubbing his forehead with his free hand. He looked up to see what had hit him.

She was over 7 feet tall. Some kind of long grass swaddled the bottom half of her body. She smelled, like garbage and poop. Garbage and weeds covered her top half, even her face, except for her eyes. Her large blue eyes blazed at Tommy.

“Ha!” she said. “I caught one!”

End of Part 1.

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