How to Core a Tomato

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When I first started cooking I panicked and freaked out over everything. I looked at cookbooks in frustration. There were hardly any pictures (except the finished product). You had to have experience cooking to make the recipes. There was nothing to help the beginner with the in-between steps or explain techniques. I want to change the cooking part of my blog up a little and start being more meticulous and more cognizant of the beginner cook. I decided to start with how to core a tomato.

One of the other things I remember about beginning cooking photos is terrible pictures. I want to make learning to cook beautiful. Here is an organic roma tomato.

Organic Roma Tomato

I love using Roma Tomatoes for almost everything – salads, tuna pasta, and soup. I think it’s the size. It’s just enough tomato.

Before you use a tomato for cooking, you need to take out the core, the non-red circular thing in the center of the tomato as shown above. You could take a knife and cut it out but I found something easier, a tomato corer, shown in the picture below.

Organic Roma Tomato and Corer

I found mine at a kitchen store in the drink accessory section but you can find tomato corers almost anywhere. They don’t cost a lot either so if you use a lot of tomatoes in your cooking, investing a few bucks in a tomato corer will save you the time and hassle of taking the tomato core out with a knife.

The tomato corer fits over the tomato core. Press down and scoop the core out.

How to Core a Tomato #1

How to Core a Tomato #2

How to Core a Tomato #3

How to Core a Tomato #4

And voila! Now your tomato is ready to use for whatever dish you are making. Have a great week everyone! Love, Ana

How to Core a Tomato #5

How to Core a Tomato #6

How to Core a Tomato
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How to Core a Tomato
Step by step instructions with pictures that show the reader how to take the core out of a tomato.


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