How to Dice Onions

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The universe has a rhythm. If you don’t believe me, sit down in a crowded public place and listen to instrumental music with your headphones, then watch the activity around you. After awhile you can see that there’s a rhythm to the walking, talking and other activities. Cooking is part of that rhythm. There must be hundreds of ways to dice onions but this is the way I do it. This is my rhythm, my groove, how I roll yo.


I have three of the major big onions in the picture above – yellow, white and red onions. I prefer white onions. When I dice white onions, I tend not to cry which is important to me. For purposes of making these photos though, I chose red onions to make the onions stand out. So many tears went into making this post. Haha!

Onions (high key)

On to dicing onions!  1) First you want to cut the top and bottom off the onion. It should look like this:

Red Onion with Top and Bottom Cut Off

As you can see, I left the crunchy skin on for now.   Believe me, it’s easier to peal off the two outer layers after you cut the onion up a little.  

2) Next, cut the onion in half from top to bottom.

Half an Onion

3) Now you can peel off the outer crispy layers then wash the onion halves to get these bright, beautiful onion halves.

Clean and Washed Red Onion

4) Next you want to cut the onion into rainbow-shaped slices.  That is lay the onions on the cutting board, with the flat side down.  Then start the knife at the top and slice down to make the rainbow.

How to Dice Onions - Cut the Onion into Rainbows

5) Then push the rainbows together and cut one more time, but go the opposite direction of the onion rainbows.

The Last Onion Photo

Now your onions are diced! And perhaps you have pieces that are stuck together like this:

Diced Red Onions

But that’s okay because when you cook, the cut layers will separate.

Diced Red Onions

Happy dicing! Love, Ana

How to Dice Red Onions
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How to Dice Red Onions
Step by step instructions on how to dice onions with pictures.

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