How to Feed a Starving Artist

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About a month ago I picked up, How to Feed a Starving Artist by David DuChemin. It’s an eBook, available on Amazon or I was curious about his take on how to support a creative life. I didn’t discover any secrets but I did regain some common sense. If I want to get where I’m going and not starve, I need to do three things: 1) save money; 2) pay off debt; and 3) simplify my life.

Actually it kind of annoyed me that I had to buy this book to kick some sense into me. Just like I know if I want to lose weight I need to eat less and exercise more. This is the financial formula if I wanted to get out of any situation that makes me unhappy without living on the streets. But just because it’s common sense, it doesn’t mean it’s easy or quick. I guess that’s why people are always trying to find short cuts. Ironically, my husband and I had a blog about saving money and simplifying our lives that we quit in order to simplify our lives and save money.

Unfortunately, I think too much. And I worry and worry. It’s get in the way of getting to where I want to go.

Me + Buddha's Hand

See, here I am screwing around, thinking too much, of all things, contemplating a Buddha’s Hand! A typical Ana move, I better get cracking!

Seriously though, it’s time to stop reading about, thinking about it and writing about it and just do it. How to Feed a Starving Artist didn’t teach me anything I already didn’t know but I guess I needed to read it to realize that.

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