How to Make Coffee in a Moka Pot

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I think coffee snobs are silly. I think snobs in general are silly. However, they do make some valid points, like grinding the beans right before you brew coffee for the best flavor. There is no better example of this, than making coffee in a Moka Pot.

I say this because the one cup Keurig is so popular. Moka Pots only give you about one cup as well. But how long have the beans been in that Keurig pod, ground up, waiting for you to brew it? The Moka Pot option allows you to grind the beans right before you brew. I know when I drink coffee made with beans roasted a long time ago, I get heartburn. If this happens to you, you should try this Moka Pot method. The coffee will taste better and you will feel better.

This recipe originally appeared as part of Jared’s Story.

1) moka pot
2) coffee scoop or scale

1) water
2) 30 grams of your favorite coffee
3) sugar (optional)
4) cream (optional)

Preparation and Cooking
1) The moka pot has three detachable components – the bottom, the top, and the basket.

54/365 Moka Pot Deconstructed

2) Fill the bottom part of the moka pot with water up to the line.

59/365 Fill It Up to the Line

3) Grind 3 scoops of coffee. A standard coffee scoop holds 10 grams so about 30 grams of coffee if you’re using a scale.

58/365 Coffee Beans

4) Put the ground coffee into the basket. Place the basket into the bottom part of the moka pot.
5) Screw the top part of the moka pot onto the bottom part.
6) Set the moka pot on a burner and turn it on high.
7) Now you have to listen. When the moka pot starts to make percolating sounds, it will be done in about 10 seconds. Take the moka pot off the burner.
8) Pour into a coffee cup. Add sugar and cream to taste and enjoy!

53/365 Moka Coffee

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How to Make Coffee in a Moka Pot
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