How to Save Money on Food Styling

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I love great styling finds that don’t cost an arm and a leg. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve spent some money on some local artists for some beautiful and interesting finds but I like variety and variety is easier when I didn’t spend a lot in the first place. Here are some places I go to save money on food styling accessories.

Thrift Stores
Blueberry Sugar Cookies

I bought this dark, blue plate at the Goodwill and I love it because it really shows off light colors, like these blueberry sugar cookies. It cost me $2!

The great thing about thrift stores too is that if you get tired of the plates or other styling pieces, you can just donate them back and get some new ones. It may take some digging through the shelves to find a piece that works but it’s kind of fun too.

It’s not just plates either, I found this great pitcher for less than $5 at another thrift store.

Water Accoutrements

Bargain Stores

I’ve also found some great deals at bargain stores, like Tuesday Morning. I found this awesome bowl I just used for my Tuna Pasta Recipe stuck way in the back of a bottom shelf for less than $10 at Tuesday Morning.

Simple Tuna Pasta

Which is the same way, I found this cool looking white plate.

Have a Cookie

Pop-Up Stores
One day, I spied a pop-up store during my lunch hour and found this great, bright white dish.

Kocheejang and Shrimp

I hope this guide helps you find some great pieces too. Have a great week everyone!

Love, Ana

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