I Started a 365!

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For some insane reason, I started a 365 project, which means I have to take a picture every day for a year. I just wanted to push myself. We’ll see how long it lasts but it gives you a sort of insight as to what’s been going on for the past week so I thought I would share my first week.

1/365 Fallout 4 Tribute #3 - Fancy Lads Snack Cakes

A week ago, I spent some time with mini cupcakes and frosting to mimic Fancy Lad Snack Cakes from Fallout 4. I think I need to work on my presentation but Zach said the mini-cupcakes were delicious.

2/365 Bluebell Magic

I tried to be better at precision and create some magic with bluebells in my yard.

3/365 Navigating the Pearl River

I had so much blue frosting from my Fallout 4 picture, I had to reuse it to make something fun.

4/365 Workshop

A spur of the moment shot after seeing the beautiful light coming through the garage window.

5/365 German Chocolate Cake

Tom didn’t feel well so I bought him a German Chocolate Cake!

6/365 My Weed-Ridden Yard

Trying to find beauty in my weed-ridden yard!

7/365 Ketchup and Mustard (Jackson Pollock inspired)

An idea I had for a week or so and liking the results!

7.5/365 Hamburger, Ketchup and Mustard (Jackson Pollock inspired)

I liked this one as well so it’s part of my 365.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Love, Ana

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