I Want to Be a Badass

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I admit, I want to be a badass. Though, wanting to be a badass and being a badass are two very different things. It’s one of the reasons I like to play video games like Skyrim and Oblivion. It’s all about becoming a badass!

This is me now.

Burnt Cookies

Overweight and burner of perfectly good cookies. I guess that’s not terrible because lots of people burn cookies and are overweight, but I really want to be a badass, in quite a few things. So here are the Skyrim/Oblivion skills I want to improve to become a badass.

Restoration – restore my body to what it once was (my ideal weight).

Athletics – get into super awesome shape.
This week the dogs and I walked about 10 miles!

Enchanting – enchanting readers with my awesome poetry and storytelling skills

Illusion – creating beautiful illusions with my badass photography

To the Other Side

Alchemy – combining ingredients to make super awesome dishes.
This week I tried a new cookie recipe – Chocolate Crackle Cookies

A Pile of Rocks

They tasted great!

Mysticism – obtain inner peace.

So we’ll see how it goes. I’m excited and motivated. Have a great week!

Love, Ana

I Want to Be a Badass
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I Want to Be a Badass
An article about how Ana Penelope Dunwoody will become a badass.

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