It All Starts with Chia Seeds.

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It started in eighth grade. I was the perfect weight for my body – 108. Then my dad died and it began.

Year after year after year I gained more and more weight. I ballooned into well, a hot air balloon.

i ballooned by ana penelope dunwoody

Well, I don’t want to be a hot air balloon anymore. To begin the deflating, this book said I should eat chia seeds because it speeds up my digestion.

Chia Seeds

They look like beetle carcasses to me. I feel like I’m in that movie The Mummy when I eat them. I wondered if I would have an allergic reaction but I didn’t. They just taste tangy.

Since no rash appeared on my skin and they didn’t taste horrible, I put them in a jar. Then I commissioned my brother in law to make me a spoon, which he did out of olive wood.

Chia Seeds in an Olive Wood Spoon

Now it’s easier for me to eat beetle carcasses, um I mean chia seeds. And I’ve lost two pounds so they work!

Love, Ana

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