Jared’s Story Part 1 & a Hot Chocolate Recipe

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I’ve decided to do something different with my cooking/baking/writing. This is the first part of a story and somewhere in each post, I put a recipe that works with the story. I’m very excited about this change. I hope you enjoy it!

Part 1

Jared worked as a vice president of a big company in the City, but he lived in the country with his wife and two sons. Both Jared and his wife preferred a quiet, peaceful life. Unfortunately, because of his job, Jared stayed in the City many nights a week.

One day, Jared came home from a 3-night stay in the City to find his house burned down and his family’s bones scattered among the remains. The fire trucks just couldn’t reach his house in time to save his family because of the remote location.

Devastated, Jared quit his job, sold what remained of his possessions, and bought the last house at the northern edge of the world.

19/365 House of Bread and Wheat

There, he started a guide business. His father ran a guide business when Jared was growing up and taught Jared everything he needed to know.

Jared also volunteered in search and rescue efforts. During all times of the year, there were tourists getting lost in the woods and Jared was happy to help. At night, he kept his radio on just in case.

Luckily, no one ever strayed much farther north than Jared’s house. People considered the hundreds of miles between Jared’s house and the actual edge of the world, extremely perilous. The land suffered from sudden lightening and snowstorms and it was also rumored to be inhabited by monsters.

When he first moved to the area and was told this, Jared laughed. “I don’t believe it. Even if there were monsters, I’m not afraid of them,” Jared declared.

“How can you say that?” asked Sheriff Johnson incredulously.

Then Jared’s face sobered and he replied. “It’s easy to be fearless when you have nothing to lose. I’m not afraid because everything I love is gone.”


Jared spent most nights when he wasn’t on one of his treks, reading and drinking a cup of hot chocolate. Here is the recipe for Jared’s hot chocolate, adapted from David Lebovitz’s Parisian Hot Chocolate recipe.

Click here for the link to the recipe.

20/365 Le Chocolat Chaud

One night while enjoying his hot chocolate, Jared’s radio crackled. “Help!” said a woman’s voice. “My boat sank. My name is Mina. I washed ashore on the northern edge of the Icicle Sea. Please help!” The crackling stopped.

Jared immediately called the Sheriff’s office.

“This is Sheriff Johnson,” said the voice on the other side of the phone.

“Hi Sheriff. This is Jared. Did you hear that radio message just now?”

“Yes, but there’s nothing me or my deputies can do. You know that the Icicle Sea is at the end of the world, hundreds of miles away.”

“I think I’m going to go,” Jared replied. “If I don’t do something, there’s no one else.”

“Don’t throw your life away Jared,” replied Sheriff Johnson. “If you even get there, it will probably be too late. She’ll either have starved to death or died of exposure. You are a valuable part of this community.”

“I appreciate your concern Sheriff Johnson,” said Jared. “But I’m going at first light tomorrow. I don’t have any guide clients for a few weeks. I just don’t feel right leaving that woman to her fate. If it gets too difficult, I’ll come back.”

End of Part 1

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