Jared’s Story Part 2 & a Switchel Recipe

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Now on to Part 2! We find Jared leaving to go to the Icicle Sea in response to the distress call from a mysterious woman named Mina. Enjoy!

Jared packed up his truck with supplies. Then he hitched his trailer carrying his snowmobile and sled and headed north towards the Icicle Sea.

To keep his energy up on long journeys, Jared always made Switchel, an old-fashioned energy drink dating back to colonial times. Here is a link to the recipe.

21/365 Switchel with Lemon


To recount Jared’s journey, it is best told in Jared’s own words. The following are his journal entries.

Monday, January 7
Dear Corinne,

I know you are dead and there is nothing I can do to bring back you or the boys, but I find it easier to write these journal entries to you, my love. I hope somewhere in the heavens, you are sharing my thoughts with Tommy and Peter.

Today I embarked on a journey to the Icicle Sea, aka the end of the world. Someone radioed for help and I am going to help them. I know it sounds crazy but if I don’t go, no one will.

Sheriff Johnson thinks I’m throwing my life away and this is a suicide mission. I told him I’d be back and I meant it. Honestly, a kind of wanderlust came over me, a desire to see the end of the world. And for the first time in a long time, I feel like I have a purpose.

The land so far has been flat and unremarkable. I covered a few hundred miles in the truck today with no incidents. We’ll see what happens tomorrow.

32/365 Map and Compass

Tuesday January 8
Dear Corinne,

People weren’t kidding when they told me lightening and snowstorms plagued these lands. Around noon today, I hit a heavy snowstorm. It almost buried the truck. Luckily when the snow stopped, I was able to dig the tires out of the snow. I made it another 20 miles or so before the lightening storm. Since the truck acted as a perfect lightening rod, I got as far away as possible and tried to bury myself in the snow until it was over. After the storm, I checked on the truck but it was dead. The lightening shorted out the engine.

The good news is that the woman radioed for help again. I thought about turning back but when I heard her voice, I decided to continue. I knew at some point I’d have to abandon the truck. I must be close to the Icicle Sea. It should only be a total of 300 miles and I must have travelled 250 miles already.

I’ll be on the snowmobile tomorrow. For now I feel safe. The skies are calm. The night sky is beautiful. It’s even clearer and brighter than the sky at our old house in the country. I wish you could see it or maybe you can from where you are.

Wednesday, January 9
Dear Corinne,

I never told you that the other rumor about this part of the world is also true – there are monsters! When I first moved to this area, I laughed when Sheriff Johnson told me about the rumor. He then gave me this book to read by a man named Hans Leiter. About 10 years ago, Hans Leiter came to this part of the world. He just published a book on monsters and their weaknesses. Before he headed north, he left a copy of his book with Sheriff Johnson. Then he headed north and no one has seen him since.
I used to read it every night just for fun. It was quite fascinating. I never thought it would save my life.

Apparently the noise from the snowmobile attracted the attention of a Manticore, a 20 foot giant Manticore. I know you’re not up on your mythical creatures so you probably don’t know what one looks like. It was not only gigantic, it also had a human male face, the body of a red lion and a tail of a scorpion with spikes at the end of the tail that could be jettisoned like missiles.

I heard the ground shake way before I saw the creature. It bounded up to the snowmobile, positioned itself right in front of me, and made a loud trumpet sound, like a call, up to the heavens.
At first I was stunned and couldn’t move. After a few minutes of his trumpeting, the Manticore lifted his tail as if to shoot his spikes at me and that’s when I snapped out of it. I immediately rolled away to the left of the snowmobile as the spikes sailed past me. Then I ran to the back of the snowmobile, grabbed my guitar, and started to play. This was the recommendation in the Hans Leiter book and it worked!

44/365 Guitar

The Manticore immediately calmed down and played with me using his trumpet voice. When the song was over, the Manticore made its trumpet call and stomped back to where it came from.

I cleaned up the poisonous spikes it had thrown in the snow and stored them in the packs. I figured now that I know there are monsters; it doesn’t hurt to have more weapons.

I have to say Corinne, I’m glad I survived but I was disappointed too. It worried me because I wasn’t afraid of the Manticore. Your death has made me immune to fear or any emotion for that matter. It was one of the reasons I decided to take this trip. I was tired of not feeling. I thought if I threw myself into danger, I would have no choice but to feel something but it didn’t work.

The good new is that the woman is still alive. She sent another radio message tonight, asking for help. Her voice sounded weaker but I think I’m almost there. I can smell salt water and have seen many sea birds flying above so I must be close.


Love, Ana

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