Jared’s Story Part 3 & How to Make Coffee in a Moka Pot

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The day shined brightly and beautifully as Jared traveled the last mile to the Icicle Sea. He found a campfire. Charred wood still smoked underneath a moka pot. Jared saw a set of human footprints leading towards a large stand of trees. Almost immediately the footprints stopped, replaced by footprints four times the size of the previous footprints.

52/365 Coffee Interrupted

“A monster must have captured Mina,” said Jared to himself. He quickly followed the tracks. A few minutes later, he heard voices.

“If you have any peanut butter, I’ll let you go,” said a very loud voice.

“I’m sorry, I don’t have any peanut butter,” replied a softer woman’s voice. Then the woman began to sing.

She sang about love, true love, the perfect kind of love where your love is your soul mate. Then she sang about the loss of her beloved, the death, the endless suffering. Sometime during the song, the ice that covered Jared’s heart melted. This was something he understood, love and loss of a soul mate. Jared wept.

Despite the danger, Jared moved quickly towards the singing. He heard loud sobbing. Then it stopped.

He reached a clearing in the trees. He saw the body of a beautiful female giant laying on the ground and a woman of equal beauty tied to a tree. Both had long, wavy brown hair with proportionate features. The giant’s face seemed peaceful and kind in its soporific state unlike the woman whose eyes and mouth betrayed a bitterness caused by long suffering.

“Are you Mina?” Jared asked.

“Yes,” replied the woman rubbing her wrists. “And who are you?”

“My name is Jared, I’ve come to rescue you.”

The woman smiled. “And where are you from?”

“About 300 miles south, a little bit outside the town of Westfold,” Jared replied.

“But how did you…” the woman began. “Oh, I forgot.”

“Look,” Mina began. “I appreciate you cutting the rope but my distress call wasn’t for you.”

“Oh,” replied Jared, taken aback. “Then who was it for?”

“Hans Leiter,” replied Mina. “He murdered my husband and I intend to pay him in kind.” She then ran off, disappearing into the trees.

The giant interrupted Mina making coffee in a moka pot on a campfire. Here is the link to the recipe.

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