Jared’s Story Part 6

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We left Jared about to leave Hans’ house when Mina walks in and confronts Hans. No recipe for this part because a recipe doesn’t really fit here.

Mina saw Jared lying on the ground. “What are you doing here? Are you in league with my brother’s killer?” she asked.

“I was trying to leave. Your brother’s killer is crazy,” Jared replied, getting up off the ground.

“Then you better leave now,” replied Mina.

Jared stopped and looked into Mina’s eyes. “He doesn’t deserve to live, I agree. But killing him isn’t going to bring your husband back. Look at him! He’s pathetic! Holed up at the end of the world with nothing! You are a beautiful siren with many years ahead of you.”

“Why are you saying these things to me?” asked Mina. “Why do you care?”

“Because you brought me back to life with the song you sang to the giant. I understand the loss of a soulmate. I lost my wife and children a few years back to a fire and I died that day!” replied Jared, tears in his eyes.

“Why do you think I decided to come all the way up here to rescue you?” he continued. “I wanted to feel something – fear, pain or even death.”

Jared heard two clicks and turned around. Hans Leiter held a shotgun in his hand.

“Finally!” said Hans. “I am going to finish the job.”

Mina turned to Hans then turned back to Jared. “Watch the true power of a siren’s voice.”

Jared heard a series of sharp, quick, notes. He saw Hans’ shotgun fall to the ground. “Want to try again you stupid man?” asked Mina. Mina sang a few more notes and the shotgun slid away from Hans’ reach towards Jared.

Hans looked at Mina with real fear in his eyes. “You can’t hurt me!” he said, stuffing something inside his ears. “You can’t hurt me if I can’t hear you!”

“Pick up the shotgun Jared,” Mina commanded. Jared picked up the shotgun.

“Shoot him!” commanded Mina. The power of Mina’s voice was irresistible. Jared shot Hans. Wide-eyed in horror at what he had done, Jared dropped the shotgun and ran into the night.

Jared ran and ran. “I killed him, I killed him!” he said. He heard an explosion behind him. He turned around and saw Hans’ compound destroyed.

The Aftermath

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