Jared’s Story Part 7 & a Sweet Dough Recipe

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We left Jared distraught over shooting Hans with a shotgun on Mina’s orders.

Jared woke up to something wet on his face. It was snowing. He got up and saw the wreck of Hans’ compound.

Aftermath #2 in the Morning

He walked around the ruin but he saw no trace of Hans or Mina. No legs stuck out from underneath the blocks, no blood pooling. He sat on one of the overturned blocks for awhile trying to make some sense into what happened.

After awhile the cold began to affect him. He shivered and looked around. He could see Emily’s house in the distance but shook his head. Instead, he jogged to stay warm and reached his snowmobile. Someone was waiting for him.

“I need your help!” shouted Emily in a panic. She wore giant earmuffs on her ears and an apron smeared with flour around her waist.

“I can’t help you. I’ve made a mess of things,” said Jared, tightening some of the straps on his snowmobile. “I need to go home.”

“You have to help me!” cried Emily. “The beautiful lady who killed Hans has gone crazy! I can’t get her to stop singing! I need you to gag her while I tie her up. She just sits in my house and sings and sings. Every monster within earshot comes to my house. She either strangles them or they kill themselves. When I tried to gag her she ripped it off so I tried to tie her hands but she tried to strangle me too. If this doesn’t stop soon, my house will be in shambles. I already have a pile of monsters all the way up to the ceiling!”

Jared sighed. “Do you have something I can use to plug my ears?” he asked.

Emily felt in the pocket of her apron and found some dough. She handed it to Jared who stuffed it in his ears. Here is a link to the recipe for the sweet dough that Emily made.


The sweet dough muffled the sound of Mina’s voice perfectly when Jared entered the house. Jared could see the stack of monsters in the corner and Mina sitting on the floor by the fire.

Emily mimed some instructions to Jared who gave her the thumbs up. She quickly grabbed Mina’s arms and tied them together behind her back while Jared gagged her. Mina lunged at Jared but with her arms tied behind her back she couldn’t do anything. She continued to try to sing when Jared placed the gag in her mouth though thankfully no sounds escaped.

“What are we going to do?” asked Emily, taking off her earmuffs. “She can’t stay here.” Emily threw a few monsters on her back and went outside.

Jared spied a book on the shelf. It was Hans Leiter’s monster book. He flipped through the pages for Sirens. This is what it said.

SIREN – Though usually quite harmless if left alone, sirens can be quite dangerous if a human gets emotionally involved with one. Spurning their affections or inflicting any other kind of emotional harm may cause a siren to go insane. At this point, the siren will perpetually sing a song of destruction to anyone within earshot. Gagging a siren would only be a temporary solution. Apart from cutting off her head, returning a siren to one of their original islands is the only way to permanently solve the problem. Otherwise, an insane siren can destroy the populations of towns and even large cities if she goes unchecked. These original islands are difficult to find but one such island exists off the coast of the Icicle Sea. See Appendix A for a map. You can identify sirens by…

Jared closed the book as Emily walked back in the door.

“Do you have a boat?” he asked.


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