Lazy Sunday

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“Stir, stir, stir,” the brownie mix comes together, as sunshine spills through my kitchen window. It’s a lazy Sunday. I’m making brownies for another photo shoot.

“Click, clack, click, clack,” Hannah walks across the Pergo floors.  She passes by me to go outside. A few minutes later, I look out the window and see her sprawled out on the backyard patio, soaking in the sun. Despite her black fur and two coats, Hannah can’t get enough sunshine. That’s my girl.

“Beep!” the oven is ready for the brownies. I slide them in and set the timer. Now, I can sit down and relax.

“Honk, shhh, honk, shhh, honk, shhh.” Jack sleeps in his corner of the living room. He’s pooped from our walk today.

“Hahaha,” says Tom, laughing at something on Youtube on his phone. “When are the brownies going to be done?” he asks me.

“When I’m done photographing them,” I reply.

I walk by Zach’s bedroom to grab my laptop. I can hear him talking to his friends online.”Oh yeah, you have a girlfriend but she lives in Canada, right?”

“Beep!” the brownies are done. After they cool, I come up with this.

Brownies and Ice Coffee

Not the best photo but it’s a lazy Sunday and everything is alright.

Love, Ana

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