Love and Deviled Eggs

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I have a funny relationship with deviled eggs. When I was a child, eggs tasted terrible to me so I never ate them. Then, when I wanted to make deviled eggs for Tom and Zach, I didn’t know what they tasted like so I came up with what I thought looked like deviled eggs and my boys couldn’t eat them fast enough. Which brings me to a funny point, I think about when I cook. If I cook with love, the meal tastes great. If I have negative thoughts in my head, the meal tastes terrible. It’s the only explanation I have for making delicious deviled eggs without knowing what they’re supposed to taste like. Here is the recipe. And don’t forget the love!

Local, Organic Eggs

Serves 2 Hungry Boys (Makes 16 deviled eggs)

Time – 20 minutes

8 eggs
Dijon Mustard

Local, Organic Eggs #2

Preparation and Cooking
1) Fill a 5 quart dutch oven half to three-quarters full of water.
2) Place eggs in the water. Turn burner to high.
3) When water comes to rolling boil, boil for another eight minutes.
4) Pour out hot water in sink and replace with cold water. Keep cold water running, until the eggs feel cool.
5) When eggs have cooled, take a spoon, crack the shells and peel them.

I think I love to cook because cooking is magic to me, a magic I can perform everyday if I want. Love is not quantifiable. You can’t measure it in grams, meters or liters. I can’t explain in scientific terms why mixing love with cooking food can cause some kind of chemical reaction that makes food taste terrible or delicious. It’s magic.

Making Magic Deviled Egg

Make sure your knife is sharp.
6) Rinse the eggs, making sure there are no eggshell pieces stuck to the eggs.
7) Cut the eggs in half on the long side.
8) Place the yolk part in a bowl.
9) Place the albumen (white part) on a plate.
10) Take a fork and break up the solid yolks.
11) Add 3 tablespoons of mayonnaise; and 1 teaspoon of dijon mustard.
12) Mix the yolks, mayonnaise and mustard altogether.
13) Spoon the yolk mixture into the albumen
14) Sprinkle paprika on top.

Deviled Eggs

Well, these look too good. I guess I could try one.


Oops! Love, Ana

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