Macaroni & Cheese 2.5 – Organic from the Box

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In the last blog post about macaroni and cheese, I said that I would say something if I ever found organic macaroni and cheese from the box that didn’t taste like cardboard, and I did! It’s Back to Nature, Organic Macaroni and Cheese Dinner. It tastes great!

In addition, I think I cracked the code on photographing macaroni and cheese. It took three tries but here is the progression.

First try, macaroni and cheese from childhood. I waited too long to photograph the macaroni and cheese. Though the presentation is interesting, it masks the fact that the macaroni and cheese doesn’t really look appetizing.

Macaroni & Cheese from the box

Second try, organic macaroni and cheese from the box. The macaroni and cheese looks better but the presentation is weird. I think the problem is that I thought it tasted like cardboard so I had a hard time making the mac and cheese look good. It seemed dishonest to me.

Organic Macaroni & Cheese from the Box

Third try, awesome tasting organic macaroni and cheese from the box, using organic 1% milk.

Macaroni and Cheese

I took this right after I made it. I think my love of this mac and cheese shows in this picture because I didn’t have a lot of styling but just focused on the macaroni and cheese.

That was a lot to say about organic macaroni and cheese but then I love macaroni and cheese! I’m so glad I did this experiment. Not only did I find a great tasting organic macaroni and cheese from the box but I became a better food photographer too.

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