Macaroni & Cheese Part 1 – from the box

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As part of my new adventure into food photography, I thought it would be fun to compare American traditional fare cooked in different ways. I chose macaroni and cheese as my first test dish. This first part showcases the traditional, old school macaroni and cheese from my childhood.

Macaroni and cheese in the box brings back happy childhood memories. My mom would sometimes let me make it, claiming I made it better than she did. She probably just wanted some help in the kitchen but she flattered me nonetheless. I remember the gooshy goodness of creamy, cheese sauce over warm, soft macaroni.

mac and cheese

Unfortunately, as I read the ingredients to my husband, the thought of this macaroni and cheese became less and less appetizing. “Enriched macaroni product,” “modified food starch,” and “milk protein concentrate” connoted thoughts of fake food having little or no nutritional value. By the time I finished, I didn’t even want to taste it.

Nevertheless, I was determined to take the best photo I could of this happy childhood memory. I tried to combine thoughts of childhood with macaroni and cheese. This is the result:

macaroni and cheese from the box

I did learn a lot about set-up and preparation so it was a great learning experience. Sadly, I feel the best way to preserve this dish is to capture it in a photograph. It will do no good in my tummy.

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