Macaroni & Cheese Part 2 – Organic from the Box

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For this second installment of macaroni and cheese, I chose organic macaroni and cheese from the box. Organic macaroni and cheese from the box is probably what a conscientious mother would serve her kids these days. Though it begs the question – does it taste good?

I have had many disappointing experiences with organic food from a box. Most of the time, the food tastes like the cardboard packaging. I started the water boiling hoping that this organic macaronic and cheese would be the exception.

organic macaronic and cheese from the box

I closed my eyes as I took my first bite and sighed. Unfortunately, this organic macaroni and cheese from the box tasted a little like cardboard. Tom took a bite and agreed, saying, “It definitely needs something.” In an attempt to rectify the situation, I sprinkled a little bit of salt and pepper which masked the cardboard taste.

I suppose I could try a more expensive brand of boxed organic macaroni and cheese. If I do and it tastes any better, I will write about it in my last installment of the macaroni and cheese series – my own recipe.

Though the taste was disappointing, I felt more comfortable behind the camera this time, which is what it’s all about. It may not be the best tasting organic macaroni and cheese from the box, but at least it looks good.

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