Me + Hannah + Humane Society for Southwest Washington 5K Run

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Since I quit smoking, I’ve had horrible cravings for sugar, which inevitably led to a 6 pound weight gain. I would take weight gain over continuing to smoke but I have high blood pressure and gaining more weight on this roly poly body is not going to help. So, it’s time to do something! Since Hannah and I both need to lose weight, I decided we will run the Humane Society for Southwest Washington 5K Run in May. Here is a link to our website if you want to donate to the cause!

The cool thing is that my wonderful sister, Sophia, will be running with us too! She’s driving five hours to participate so I can’t chicken out now. She runs half marathons so this will be no sweat for her but I can’t thank her enough for coming down to run with me and Hannah. We’ve never done anything like this before as sisters and I’m looking forward to it! My mom even thought it was nice.

Seriously though, it’s time for me to start taking care of myself. I’ve never taken dieting or exercise seriously but I think it’s time I did. This 5K run is a start towards that goal. Have a great week!

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