Meditation #3 – The End

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Continuation of “Shadow Girl”

My shadow and I approach the river. No one is around, except for a lone seagull on the dock.


As we move towards it, it flies away. “Awww,” my Shadow says as we watch it disappear into the sky.

“That’s okay, we don’t want it to be here when I show you what I’m going to show you,” I tell my shadow, motioning her to look down into the river.

We peer down into the murky water and see some undulating forms. One in particular moves towards us. The Shadow puts her hands in the water.

“Here fishy fishy. Here fishy fishy,” she says.

The murky form moves closer.

“Ouch!” my Shadow says, pulling her finger out of the water. “What was that?” she asks me, applying pressure on her finger to stop the bleeding.

“It’s a lamprey,” I reply. “It’s OUR lamprey. We created it,” I replied.

“Why would we do that?” asks my Shadow still sucking her finger.

“It’s our new life together,” I reply. “Right now it’s only a lamprey but eventually if we work at it, it could be a sea snake then maybe a giant sea serpent. Eventually the sea serpent will grow wings and fly us anywhere we want to go.”

“I know a man from Ku-she Mountain,” my Shadow replies. “He doesn’t eat the five grains but sucks the wind, drinks the dew, climbs up on clouds and mists, rides a flying dragon and wanders beyond the four seas.”


As Seen from the Back #2

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