Meditation No. 2

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A continuation of “Shadow Girl”

My shadow looks at me in disbelief and asks, “But how…, how do you propose we make the mountain disappear?”

Mount Rainier in the morning

“It won’t be easy and it won’t be all at once,” I reply with a sigh. “I wish I could just snap my fingers and say, ‘Shazam!'” (The shadow then does just that.) “But I’m confident that we can do this together. After all, we created the mountain so we should be able to make it disappear.”

“We created the mountain?” replied my shadow, scratching her head.

“Yes, see, I’ve drawn a picture to show you.”

Vanishing Mountain

“I like the little helpers that get rid of the mountain and the hubris,” my shadow says with a smile.

“We’ll take those guys with us when we’re done,” I reply.

“And then what?” my shadow asks.

“Come on I’ll show you,” I reply, motioning my shadow to follow me to a nearby river.

To be continued.

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