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I’ve been in a contemplative mood lately. I’ve had some epiphanies and now I’m trying to put those epiphanies into action. I think it even shows in my photographs!

Looking Out to the Big Blue

I feel like I’m ready to finish my play, “Shadow Girl,” an autobiographical tale, using the writings of Chuang Tzu. Through my meditations, I am ready to get on with the story.

As I last left the play, I rescued my shadow from the road and took it to a restaurant to get something to eat. As my shadow noisily gorges on burgers and fries, I ask her a question. I say, “You have been the boss for a long time, even before the giant bird grabbed me. Are you ready to give it up?”

“How have I been the boss?” my shadow asks, fries stuffed in her cheeks. “I am only your shadow.”

“I catered to your every whim and desire. It’s hard to say no to you, but I’m finally ready to take control. Let’s go!” I reply.

My shadow and I leave the restaurant and look out towards the mountain. It looms over us, casting a large shadow. My shadow looks at me and says, “Does this mean that we’re going to climb the mountain?” she asks.

“No,” I reply. “We have to do something even more difficult than climb the mountain. We’re going to make the mountain disappear.”

Mount Rainier in the morning

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