Morning Light

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For the last few weeks, I’ve focused my photos on morning light. Photography is all about light, so I thought I would continue my photography studies with light I love – morning light!

Here I was able to catch such soft light with this tiny daffodil. You can still see the morning frost on the petals.

Little Daffodil

Morning light through foliage.

Morning Light through Foliage

Morning light shining through a daffodil. In the background the morning light shines through slats of my backyard fence. I was so happy to finally take a good photo of this flower.


Finally, morning light through a window and delicious chocolate chip muffins I made for Zach!


I have to admit, morning light is one of my favorite types of light if not my favorite but it’s time to move on though and strive to get better by learning more about different types of light!

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