Moving Sideways

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I realized this week that most of my life I’ve been a cliche. I have been an obedient Korean girl. It’s why my Mom thinks I’m a good girl. But it’s not working out for me anymore. It’s not working out for me at all.

I don’t need to rebel against my mother or anything. That would be silly. I just have to be myself. No more doing what’s expected of me but of course that’s tough to do. I have a family and obligations. People who depend on me, not to mention Jack and Hanna. Family I care about deeply. So for now I’m moving sideways, just like I found this little guy doing.

Moving Sideways

I know the answer because it’s something I believe in so strongly, it’s part of my motto. Love is the answer to every problem. I don’t know in what way love will answer my problem, but it will. I just have to keep moving, even if it’s sideways for now.

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