My Blue Coca Cola Socks

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Yes, I have blue Coca Cola socks. I’m sure that’s quite the embarrassment to my sister – because my Mom gave us these socks in the 1980s. They’re not my favorite pair of socks, but they serve their purpose. I’ll get rid of them eventually, when they’re completely useless.

It’s how I am. I don’t like having a lot of things I don’t need and I hate to shop, especially for socks! This idea of simplifying my life seems like a no brainer. I’m made for this!

Well, I’m made for this now. I wasn’t always myself. I spent a lot of money on stupid stuff and an education that really wasn’t me. Now I’m paying for that but I don’t regret it. I never would have met Tom!

I like the fact that I still have my blue Coca Cola socks. It reminds me of who I am and in part who I was as a little girl – someone who didn’t need a lot of stuff. And I know it’s as true now as when I was a girl, because I’m happy.

coca cola socks

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