My First Explore!

Posted by on Jan 10, 2015 in Photography | 3 Comments

Exciting news this week – I got explored! Yahoo! picks 500 of “the most interesting” pictures of all the pictures that people upload to Flickr everyday and I was one of them! I don’t understand how it works but after a few years on Flickr it finally happened! There is no prize or award but it gave me a boost of confidence.

Here is the photo:

Rain Drops on Pine Needles

Of course it’s also been very crazy. Over 400 people favorited my photo and I reciprocated with faves and comments. But I thought it was really neat that I saw what all these other people from around the world were taking pictures of, who were kind enough to fave my photo, besides my awesome Flickr friends. There were a lot of “Je suis Charlie” photos. I favorited a lot of those but I still can’t think about what happened without tears in my eyes, so I defer to them.

I think life works this way for me most of the time, I want something right away but I haven’t bothered to gain the skills necessary to get there and I get frustrated and sometimes I quit. I’m glad I didn’t do that with my photography. I wanted to be explored ever since I was on Flickr but only until I stopped caring about getting explored and worked on taking great pictures did I get explored. A lot of people would say getting explored is really a crapshoot and not the best photos get explored. I still don’t know what it takes to get explored but I know the way life works for me. I have to earn everything I get through hard work and dedication. Life never comes easy for me.

Getting explored for the first time was pretty awesome. It really gave me the boost of confidence that I’m on the way to doing quality work. I also gained some new Flickr friends which was pretty cool too. I’m glad I got explored but I also would be okay if it never happened again. Once is enough. I want to focus on quality photography, not recognition!


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