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Yes, it’s true. Unlike seeming everyone else in the entire world, I don’t like traveling. I guess I’m like the French poet, Charles Baudelaire.

He wrote a famous poem, “Invitation Au Voyage.” I guess early on, he took an actual voyage and had such a terrible time, he stuck to voyages of the mind.

I have my reasons for not being an avid traveler. 1) I really really really like cooking and eating my own food; 2) I usually have to leave the dogs at home; and 3) I have a hard time sleeping in a strange bed.

Despite these discomforts, I do on occasion visit my mom. I can’t bring the dogs because she thinks they need to stay outside, I have to sleep in a strange bed and I don’t cook but I get to eat awesome Korean food instead.

at the korean restaurant by ana penelope dunwoody

I visit my mom for obvious reasons. She’s getting old. I miss her and love her very much and I also like hanging out in the “back, back yard.” It’s so peaceful. Between my mom and my stepdad, they created their own microclimate where it doesn’t get much past the high 50s even on hot day. It’s a magical place.

Secret Garden

The thing is, my mom doesn’t like traveling much either. She built this magical place so she wouldn’t have to go anywhere.

Secret Garden #2

I feel the same way with my stories. With a story you have carte blanche to create any kind of character or setting. The only limit is you.


I agree with Baudelaire. I think I’ll stick to voyages of the mind. It’s nice to visit mom but I’d rather stay at home, enjoy home cooked meals, and hang out with the dogs.

Love, Ana

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