Oeufs Brouillés, Scrambled Eggs Julia Child Style and Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! To start the new year, I decided to try something simple, quick, and healthy -oeufs brouillés, or french scrambled eggs Julia child style. It also begins my new year’s resolution to try to make as many recipes from Mastering the Art of French Cooking as I can this year.

Eggs are beginnings so I can’t think of a better way to start my 2017 cooking adventure. Adding the extra butter at the end makes these scrambled eggs extra creamy and filling.

I know this is an easy recipe but frankly I’m intimidated by this book. And I wanted to see if I could actually take decent photographs of scrambled eggs. This isn’t something you can make then stage an hour later, this is something that needs to be shot right away, right out of the pan. And I’m not an expert egg person. When I worked at a fast food restaurant, I was thrown out of the kitchen during breakfast for making green eggs. As I said before, I detested eggs as a child so I never learned to make them properly. In fact, my husband (who hates to cook but can make a mean breakfast) is the expert so I deferred to him whether or not I’ve succeeded in making proper scrambled eggs.

So here is the recipe. I think I succeeded with the photos which pleases me if nothing else. Honestly, these scrambled eggs were too creamy for me and too filling but I’m glad I made them.

1) 8 eggs
2) salt and pepper to taste
3) 4 teaspoons of water or milk
4) 4 tablespoons of butter

Preparation and Cooking
1) Crack the eggs into a mixing bowl.
2) Add salt and pepper to taste.
3) Beat the eggs and seasonings with a fork or a whisk.
4) Add the milk or water, and beat until thoroughly mixed.
5) Add two tablespoons of butter to whatever frying pan you’re going to use. I used my nonstick, flat bottomed wok.
6) Turn the range on no more than a medium temperature and allow the butter to melt. Swirl the pan around so the butter coats the bottom of the pan.
7) Add the egg mixture and start stirring slowly and continually. Julia says to do this with a rubber spatula or a wooden spoon. As you can see I started with a rubber spatula but a lot of egg got stuck on the bottom so I opted to use my wooden spatula.

Making French Scrmbled Eggs #1

8) The egg mixture should start to solidify. Continue stirring until you like the consistency. When you’re happy with you’re eggs, take the pan off the heat and add the other 2 tablespoons of butter. This stops the cooking process.

Making French Scrambled Eggs #2

9) Eat immediately and enjoy!

Oeuf Brouille (Scrambled Eggs)

Love, Ana

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